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About Chef H

My appreciation of good food and fine wine began after my three years of living in Germany. I first learned to cook German food from my two German aunts who took great pains to introduce me to their culture and their love of food and wine. I enjoyed many a Sunday dinner at their home and was lucky enough to keep those memories alive and chronicled, so that someday I would re- create those enjoyable dinners. For many years after living in Germany, my career and family took precedent and I did nothing to hone my cooking skills, but because I traveled quite a bit, I took the opportunity to meet Chefs and get many recipes. I was remarkably successful in my quest to get recipes, or at least a list of ingredients, for particular dishes. 

I found these Chefs cooperative and willing to share their craft with a perfect stranger from Wichita. On one visit to a 5 star restaurant in Philadelphia the chef actually sent me his 7 page kitchen notes for a salad I enjoyed. That salad has been my signature dish for over
25 years. I was not just satisfied with creating good food, but proper wine selections as well. I learned this from Aunts Tini and Alice in Germany. For me cooking was a great way to end the day after stressful business decisions and a way to be creative. Great dishes, great wine. 

20 years ago I agreed to collaborate with Susan Peters from KAKE and we became a team that was auctioned at the Catholic Charities Annual Cruise Night Event fundraiser, and it gave me a chance to showcase my skills to a new audience. I also then agreed to such benefits for Botanica, Exploration Place, and Newman University. During that time I took some classes at the Inn at Sedgwick from Lou Cox and the Napa Valley cookbook author, Hugh Carpenter.

Most recently I enjoyed giving Sunday morning cooking demonstrations at William Sonoma, Bradley Fair. I also had an opportunity to have  cooking spots called “Cooking with Chef H “ on local television. That opportunity lasted 3 ½ years. 

Thank you again for visiting my web site.

— Chef H